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About Us

Equipmentbanks.com is a B2B revolutionary portal designed to provide the needs of infrastructure industry. The range of services offered by Equipmentbanks.com includes the online sale, purchase, hire, auction, transportation, finance, insurance, valuation & many more for equipment.
For the first time in India such a B2B portal has been designed to completely serve the needs of day to day working of various equipment owned by individuals as well as corporates. Equipmentbanks.com is professionally managed by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals and managers who have vast experience and expertise in the area of equipment hiring, infrastructure and marketing.
... EQ Spares : On –line sales of Spares parts from both OEM suppliers, local equivalents Imported resources during break down of equipment. This site will keep an inventory & records of all available options for supply of spares in case of needs of break downs.
On-Line sale purchase of New / pre owned equipment as B2B platform, including hiring of equipment on old model through apps.
Top most finance, Insurance & Transportation companies’ availability for on line customers
EQ Page: Maiden of its kind in India where by customers can maintain complete history and operational data of all equipment owned by him, it’s like Facebook for equipment.
EQ Pedia has various forums where experts shall on –line share their expertise connected to equipment, including breakdown solution.
EQ Work including solutions for breakdown for facilitate with location finder of workshops.
EQ Man: This is to source train manpower for various equipment & it will open their gates to pool of opportunity as in other job listing site.
Equipment Bank & Park: This is logistic hub for equipment would be setup in all state capitals. The sales and lease of space to OEM, Equipment Rental Co and workshop and Spare Parts Co and marketing office. Contractors Company may park their idle equipment.
This site is under maintenance. Meanwhile please feel free to contact us.

Our Services


EQUIPMENTBANKS website available for all categories such as Original Equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.) / authorized local equivalents of spares part / refurbishing workshop vendors.
This site is under maintenance. Meanwhile please feel free to contact us.